DOTD gives update on highly anticipated new Mississippi River Bridge project; residents growing impatient

BATON ROUGE- Legislators heard progress on the new Mississippi River Bridge project to hopefully alleviate bad traffic in the Capital Region.

As of now, everything is on schedule with the project, but that means residents will have to wait until 2024 until any construction can be done. 

The final location of the bridge has been narrowed down to three possible places, all of them in Iberville Parish. 

Fred Raiford is on the bridge projects committee, and says there needs to be an environmental study before a final location can be picked and construction can start. 

Michael Eby lives in Iberville. He told WBRZ, the traffic can be really bad sometimes, and is glad the the bridge will be coming to Iberville. He just wants it now. 

“They should have been finished with that years ago. At the rate they’re going I don’t know if I will ever see it,” Eby said. 

WBRZ asked Raiford if he was concerned that the bridge will not be built in East Baton Rouge Parish. He told us a bridge in Iberville should still help out with traffic in Baton Rouge.

“That was what the original study determined,” Raiford said. 

Many on the east side of the bridge like Barbin Graham tell us traffic is awful. 

Graham told WBRZ a new bridge can’t come soon enough. 

“I wish they would pull the trigger. They have been talking about it for 25 years, so I wish someone would just make a move,” Graham said. 

Original Article by Nick Perlin on December 12, 2022 • Source: WBRZ