Capital Area Expressway Authority was created

…as a public non-profit corporation. The authority is a special purpose government, independent of state and local governments, created for the purpose of advancing the interests of Baton Rouge, Louisiana metropolitan area with respect to major infrastructure projects, specifically the “Baton Rouge Loop”.


On December 21, 2007 The State of Louisiana appropriated $4,000,000

…in Act 203 of the 2007 Legislative Session for the purpose of conducting an environmental impact studies on a proposed loop around Baton Rouge.


Capital Area Expressway Authority began operations

…upon receipt of state Appropriations authorized under by the Louisiana Legislature in the 2007 regular session. The Authority was governed by a board consisting of no less than 5 members as follows: the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, The Chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the 5 Presidents of the Parishes encompassing the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area (East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Iberville, Ascension and Livingston). The study was completed and can be found at brloop.com.


Iberville pulls out of B.R. Loop project in early 2010

…because it became evident that the support by the Expressway Authority for the southern corridor in Iberville Parish had greatly subsided.  Ascension Parish also resigned from the Expressway Authority for the same reason.  Livingston Parish resigned due to huge opposition from residents to a North Loop scenario. Iberville has continued to attend CRPC Meetings/BUMP Plan (Baton Rouge Urban Renewal and Mobility Plan).


Iberville/Ascension Parish sign cooperative endeavor

….to study a bridge location in Iberville/Ascension on October 21st 2014.


House Concurrent Resolution 100 approved

… spearheaded by Rep. Karen St. Germain for DOTD to study feasibility of new bridge in Iberville Parish to facilitate movement of industrial workers and open up areas of South Baton Rouge, Ascension and Iberville Parishes for future development.


Westside Expressway Plan Completed

… with an objective to build a new Mississippi River bridge that would go from the west bank, between Plaquemine and White Castle, to the east bank, south of Baton Rouge.


Iberville Bridge Projected Initiated

… following the completion of the Westside Expressway Plan. The development of the Iberville Bridge seeks to alleviate traffic congestion that has grown over the past years, while also serving as an alternate evacuation route during hurricanes and other emergencies.


MRG South GBR: LA 1 to LA 30 Connector — Part 1: Enhanced Planning

… has kicked off. During Q3 and Q4 of 2020, the project focused on the following — project initiation, draft purpose and need statement, unreasonable impact identification, navigation analysis, screen methodology development, preliminary environmental inventory, and a travel demand model development.


LA 1 to LA 30 Connector — Part 1: Enhanced Planning

…continued into 2021. The project focused on the following — representative and plausible alternatives, travel demand estimate development, traffic model development, round 1 screening, stakeholder commentary, traffic impact analysis, toll and revenue estimation, environmental inventory, technical design consideration, and decision screen matrix development.


LA 1 to LA 30 Connector — Part 1: Enhanced Planning

… will continue into Q3 of 2022. The project will focus on the following — public meetings, round 2 screening, final report development (Enhanced Planning), and advanced best alternatives to Part II: Environmental Evaluation.