From Natchez to New Orleans, Iberville Parish stands as the sole parish without a bridge across the Mississippi River. Within our borders, there lives a thriving hub of petrochemical industry partners —Dow Chemical Louisiana Division, Shintech Louisiana, LLC, Westlake Chemical (formerly Axial), SNF Flopam, Syngenta, TOTAL, Olin, Mexichem Fluor, and Eastman— that provide livelihoods to thousands of dedicated workers, both full-time and in construction roles.

As our region experiences a surge in industrial and residential growth, our highways are filled with an outrageous volume of traffic. Recent surveys conducted on Highway 1 in Iberville Parish and Highway 30 in St. Gabriel demonstrates that over 60,000 (sixty thousand) vehicles stream into our parish daily, their destinations linked to industries across both West and East Iberville.

Our community’s battle with traffic congestion is undeniable. What was once a half-hour journey from Plaquemine to Baton Rouge now stretches up to a daunting two hours.

The solution is clear: a new bridge crossing the Mississippi River from Iberville Parish. Beyond the current bottleneck of the Horace Wilkinson Bridge lies an opportunity—a chance to alleviate the burden of traffic congestion, to forge new pathways for progress, and to bring forth a new era where frustration gives way to smooth and effortless travel.

Please join me in supporting the cause for a new Mississippi River bridge in the southern point of Iberville Parish.

Chris Daigle
Iberville Parish President

Office of the President
F. 225-687-5250

58050 Meriam Street
Plaquemine, LA  70765