Dear lberville Parish Residents:

lberville Parish is the only Parish from Natchez to New Orleans that does not have a single bridge crossing the Mississippi River. lberville Parish is home to several major petrochemical facilities, including Dow Chemical Louisiana Division, Shintech Louisiana, LLC, Westlake Chemical (formerly Axial), SNF Flopam, Syngenta, TOTAL, Olin, Mexichem Fluor, and Eastman. Together these petrochemical and downstream industries employ thousands of full time workers and construction workers. With the industrial growth and residential developments in lberville and surrounding parishes, the amount of traffic utilizing the highways in lberville Parish is astonishing. lberville Parish had a traffic survey conducted on Highway1 in lberville Parish and Highway 30 in St. Gabriel which demonstrated that lberville Parish has over SIXTY THOUSAND (60,000) vehicles a day entering our Parish. This high volume traffic is related to employment at the numerous industrial facilities in the western and eastern portions of lberville Parish.

The current traffic congestion on the new Mississippi River Bridge only gets more burdensome day by day. Several years ago, a person could travel from Plaquemine to the Baton Rouge area is less than a half hour. Nowadays this same travel can take up to two hours, which is absurd. The only logical alternative to erase the horrible traffic delays is to construct a new bridge south of the Horace Wilkinson Bridge (new Mississippi River Bridge) in lberville Parish. The Baton Rouge and Port Allen areas surrounding the current bridge are too congested to even consider another bridge in close proximity and this would only add to the already horrific traffic nightmares and frustration by motorists.

Please Join me in supporting a NEW MISSISSIPPI RIVER BRIDGE located in the southern portion of Iberville Parish.

J. Mitchell Ourso, Jr.
Parish President

Office of the President
F. 225-687-5250

Iberville Parish Pres. Office
58050 Meriam Street
Plaquemine, LA  70765

Mailing Address
J. Mitchell Ourso, Jr.
Iberville Parish President
P.O. Box 389
Plaquemine, LA  70765-0389